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Thread: Us Mini in UK?

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    Us Mini in UK?
    Hi all

    I'm just about to take the plunge and probably get a Mac Mini and I'm wondering if I can buy a US Mac Mini for use predominantly in the UK.

    The things I'm concerned with are whether I'll need a special power converter (and where i can get it from), as well as OS X locations which will impact keyboard layout, dvd playback etc.

    Can anyone let me know if I'll be ok and/or what I might need to buy or change to make it workable.

    Please excuse any stupid questions I may have asked, I'm new to the Mac world and am looking for advice from those with experience.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've bought a mini from america and use it in the uk..

    all you need is a socket converter, so you can plug the american 2pin plug in a uk 3pin socket (they cost a few quid)

    Apple use one keyboard layout. the UK and american keyboards are the same.

    when you first insert a DVD you have to choose a region, and it can be changed up to 5 times.
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    Wow, yeah, at the current exchange rate the US Mini will save you 100 quid. Yikes. That's the difference between a 1.83 and a 2.0 right there.
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    Purchasing items with the Euro plug for use here in Australia it is simply a matter of purchasing a $5 lead locally as they all seem to be 100-240 volt universal powered systems.

    In fact for an external HDD an electric jug cord did the job!

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    just that your Mini will be left hand drive

    Only joking, I have bought twice from the Sates and had no problems

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    Did you buy them from the US Apple site? I didn't think you could ship outside of US from there.

    Just wondering as I'm going to be getting a mini soon and it wouldn't hurt to get the better model for the price of the lower model =p

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