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Thread: iMac can't see homemade DVDs

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    Question iMac can't see homemade DVDs
    We just got a new 2.4 GHz iMac for Christmas with leopard. We tried playing some homemade DVDs made with Nerovision on a PC. The dvds work fine on my MacBook with leopard and in a DVD player.

    But when I put the dvd into my iMac, it won't even show up on the desktop. I am able to put the dvd into my MacBook and then play it over our network, but its really laggy.

    Does anyone know why my iMac won't play these DVDs when everything else will?

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    you will find that your imac superdrive (i'm assuming you have a superdrive) may be a bit more choosey
    in what it likes to play. this is for many reasons e.g disc types etc if you have problems try an app like vlc to play homemade stuff. there are always options on your mac.

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    Do normal store bought DVD's play fine? Do all data CD's and DVD's mount on the desktop? I have found over the years that some DVD drives don't like certain burned media.

    Here I have always used Verbatim blanks and a Plextor DVD Burner. All of them mount on my iMac, iBook, Mini, ETC.

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