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    Question PowerMac vs. iMac
    Hey. I was planning on buying an apple computer for the uses of digital movie editing with probably Final Cut Express and maybe something else. I would also do some Photoshop probably. Would an iMac G5 do the job (I was considering 20'' maybe) or should I just go for the PowerMac G5?

    Thanks a alot!


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    kinda on the same road you are.. i have a powerbook G4 and on saturday im either gonna buy the new 23 inch monitor a IMAC G5 or save for like a 2.5 powermac.. its a hard deceision haha Cuase i do the same thing video editing recording photoshop illistrator flashh all that stuff<3 anyone?

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    Well, the PowerMac will easily beat the iMac, it's performance is much better, even if both use a G5.
    Nevertheless the iMac is powerful enough to do video editing, so your choice should be based on two things:
    1. Do you really need the best available performance?
    2. How much money can you spend.

    The PowerMac is by far more expensive (because you'll need an additional screen) but a better performer too...

    That's why Apple has it's consumer hardware (i...) and professional hardware (Power...)

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    I do really think that the iMac G5 is VERY good value, with very good perfromance as well. I would think it would be alot faster than a Powerbook.

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    Get the new Imac, it powerfull it looks cool and it's brand spanking new!!!!

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