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    Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying a mac pro the way it comes (base price) and then buying ram, graphics cards, and hard drives from third party sites like tiger direct. The cards on their site, are they sold through other dealers? also, how do i figure out what video cards will work with the mac pro? will any besides the one on the site? my plan is to turn this machine into a beast with at least 512 mb of sram and then using boot camp or parallels to run windows games like crysis. i'll also be messing around with photoshop and final cut. what do you guys think? the way i see it this computer could last a good five years (if i upgrade card from time to time). will this plan work???

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    This machine is already a year and a half old. Don't let that bother you though. It should last you a very long time.
    You can pick up everything at TigerDirect if you want. Just watch out when it comes to buying a video card. The only video cards that work with OS X are the 7300 GT, X1900 XT, and the Quadro 4500 FX. There are some older cards that might work but that's not the direction you want to go in.
    I have seen a youtube video of a guy using the 8800GT in the Mac Pro but you'd have to be use BootCamp to run Windows.
    I suspect new video cards for OS X with the release of a new Mac Pro. When the new Mac Pro is released is anyone guess. It's also suspected that the 8600GT will be the graphics card for OS X. Who know though.

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