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Thread: 20" or 24" IMAC what a deliemna

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    Nov 29, 2006
    20" or 24" IMAC what a deliemna
    I'm looking to buy an IMAC in the next day or so. Have done some research regarding the 20" and it seems like the screen has a bit of a color problem. I also understand that the 20" is 18bit and the 24" is 24bit

    Has that changed in the past couple of months and has apple addressed the problems of the 20" monitor. Or is there a problem for the basic consumer like myself. I'm not doing fancy graphics or photoshop but the basic home stuff including using the Ilife programs. The price is no concern for either I just find that the 24" is a huge monitor and wonder if it will cause problems with viewing it too close (about 30" form the monitor)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    I have the 20in and it's a lot better than my old dell lcd. But that just means the 24in is that much better. If moneys not a problem I would probably go for the 24.

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    I have the 20" model and love it. I think the 24" would be too big for my setup (on a desk in a kitchen). The 20" seems plenty big enough, I'm glad I didn't go bigger (I put the $$ into a larger internal drive and a large external HDD for backups).

    I use a crap Dell LCD all day at work, boy what a better screen the iMac has!

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    +1 for the 24"

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian67 View Post
    +1 for the 24"
    Ditto. 24" is far superior to the 20" in almost every way.

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    I had the same decision and decided to go with the 24" 2.8 extreme. I am now very happy I did. Mine is sitting on my desk in my home office and at first it looked huge but now it just seems to fit in. It's great to use spaces on the 24".

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    they should release the 20" with 2.8 ghz, the 24" is a bit big but its good to have more power

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    No problems with the 20" here.

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    My 20" is just fine...if it does have display problems, I can't see them!!

    I did consider the 24" but decided against it, purley because it is a physically larger unit and would have looked a bit OTT in the room I'm using it in. I took the 2.4 20" and upped the HDD to 500Gb, doubled the RAM to and looks just fine.

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