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    Whats wrong with this mac?
    This is an intel mac that i'm thinking of purchasing, however it has a large white line down the middle of the screen. What's wrong with it?

    A picture can be seen here:

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    well considering the image is called "lolmac.jpg" i would advise purchasing a mac from apple or a reseller...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callum27 View Post
    This is an intel mac that i'm thinking of purchasing, however it has a large white line down the middle of the screen. What's wrong with it?

    A picture can be seen here:
    Maybe it's one of the "Tiger's" stripes. Walk away.

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    It looks like a screen fault of some type most likely - id stay away from it regardless.
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    It looks more like an image edit to me. Something about that white line doesn't look quite right with the rest of the photo.
    Even if it is a legit issue, stay away from it.
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    Yeah that white line definitely looks like it was added. Not a good idea to trust the seller.

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    Looks like its badly shopped and off ebay mate, stay well away.
    Even if it is legit i wouldn't bother with it, not like you can change the screen on it, i doubt its an easy fix or economical to do it.
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    man that looks verrrryyyyy fake to me!

    agree with everyone else.

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    Just get a refurb. You'll buy it without worrying about such stuff and plus you'll get a warranty.

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