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    Nu here, I have A few Questions
    Hi, Could someone help me.

    I have an old Beige G3 233. 256Ram 40Gig no usb.

    1. Can I install OSx?
    2. Can I install any usb card?
    3. Is there a way of making my processor faster by changing jumper settings? Or can I buy a faster processor?
    4. If I can buy a faster processor, Whats the fastest?

    I have been using this machine for 6 years now as the core computer in my studio. I will update to G5 at some point, but until then, any advice would be great.

    Thanks, I know these are silly questions, that everyone probably already knows.....

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    I also have a beige G3 233Mhz 384MB 40Gb. I install a firewire/usb pci card. It run OS X 10.1.5 with not problem. I have not tried to upgrade the OS to any thing later. With the speed of the process I don't think it will work any better than it does now. You can go to Accelerate your Mac, they should be able to suggest ways to upgrade your G3.
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    Another question:

    Does OSx improve the computers performance or make it slower?
    - I ask because ive noticed Windows XP improves in speed of older pcs over windows 98-

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    Low End Mac has a good summary of this model, including details for upgrading, adding USB and changing the jumpers. Here's the link:

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    You guys are fast, thanks.

    Is overclocking dangerous, or complicated to do?

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    I think 10.1.x is likely the highest for 233. 10.2.8 is the highest I have seen on a G3 333

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    Send me a PM. I have a similar machine, and I've been working at upgrading it as well. I can give you some help and some first-hand experience.

    To answer your questions though:

    1. Absolutely

    2. Yes

    3. You can overclock it via the jumpers for free (which I've done very successfully), and there are also a number of processor upgrades.

    4. I believe the fastest currently available upgrade is 1Ghz G4.

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