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Thread: Graphics Card?

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    Graphics Card?
    Is it replacable. also, can you personally increase HD and RAM? or do you have to buy it to your standard when ordering the iMac from apple? :confused:

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    You can add RAM yourself, and i'm guessing you can exchange the hard drive as well.
    But it's an Serial-ATA connector, so you can't just stick an old one you have lying around in there.

    I'd buy it built-to-order from apple, increase the hdd size and then later add ram yourself (ram's usually cheaper from non-apple retailers)

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    If it were me...I would just get an AP and BT as BTO options and leave the rest stock. You can get an upgraded HD and RAM at a later date in time for MUCH cheaper. As far as the GPU goes...maybe apple will have a replacement GPU program..where you send them the Imac and they replace it for a fee.


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    The graphics card is part of the motherboard, so it's not replaceable.

    And no, Apple would not replace the GPU, as GPUs usually are not compatible between each other. Anyway, I never heard of any company replacing GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit, it's only the Graphic processor, without the rest of the video card)... :confused:

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    You Misunderstood me Avalon. When I say GPU..I mean teh whole Graphics Card..not just the GPU. Sorry for the confusion.


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    He didn't misunderstand you... you explained wrong.

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