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    iphoto compatibility with hp 7350 photosmart
    Please help! I have an HP Photosmart 7350 with my new G5 Powermac. Since OS X is not compatible with this printer, I went to to download the latest drivers/software. Everything works with the printer, but I can not print photos through the photo tray in iphoto 4.

    I'm selecting my photo in the library then clicking on print. My printer is selected, and the preset I use is "photo on photo paper". The style is "standard prints". The size is "4X6" like the paper. Under advanced options, I selected "hp premium photo paper" from the paper type.

    The problem is that in the preview window, the photo is centered, and when it prints, it does not take up the whole photo paper.

    Do I need additional printing software from hp? Can I print photos with this printer in iphoto??

    Please help! Thanks in advance...

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    Exact same issue... any new news on this issue?
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    lol me too, same issue, but different printer, same brand.. I think there is nothing we can do.
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    Well, I see no one seems to be interested in this thread....buuuut, I'm having just the opposite problem. My MacBook Pro will ONLY try to print from the photo tray no matter what preferences I set. This is the second HP printer I have used. Both with the same situation. I even deleted all HP drivers,programs etc and reinstalled them. Anybody??

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