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Thread: 23" Cinema Display issues

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    23" Cinema Display issues
    Hi all

    I have a mac mini (PowerPC) and a 23" Cinema Display set to 1920x1200 (native resolution) with millions of colors. Everything works fine until an application needs to go into 'full-screen' mode, where the video goes all screwed up. For instance, in Quicktime or VLC my video playback is garbled and all I see is a bunch of horizontal lines near the top of the screen. This is also the same if I try to view my iTunes artwork in full-screen mode. Quitting out of full-screen mode restores the video to a normal, working state.

    If I change the resolution to anything lower than 1920x1200 OR if I leave the resolution the same but change the color depth to thousands instead of millions, I don't get this problem at all and everything works fine in both regular and full-screen modes.

    At the moment I've left my color depth on thousands but obviously I'd like to have this working with millions of colors. Apple do say that this size cinema display is supported with the mac mini (and don't mention that you have to limit the number of colors to get it working) so I'm not sure what else could be wrong.

    Any ideas?


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    Your graphics chip may be technically able to support that resolution for your desktop at least, but I suspect it simply chokes when you throw more complicated activity at it at that high of a resolution. You didn't mention how much system RAM you have... perhaps adding more will help some.

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    Hey, I'm gonna get the mini with 2 gigs of ram, and display it on my 1080p tv. Do you think it'll choke with a 2.0 c2d 2 gigs of ram.

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