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    Locked Out of My eMac (not iMac)
    I have a 5.5 year old eMac running OS 10.3 and the screen (CRT) is finally blown. When I turn on the computer there is a bright flash, a pop and then black. I think everything else is fine because I hear the HD chug when I try to log in. I just can't see anything. I am not too upset about this since it is 5.5 yrs old and I have since upgraded but I would like to get the data off the HD.

    Here's the rub. It appears to only have a mini-DVI IN and my firewall is up so no filesharing, ssh, ftp, remote desktop, etc. I can't turn any of these services on because I can't see.

    Are there any hotkeys or siteless steps to turn any services on? Are there other display options that I am not aware of? I have the OS disc. ANY!!! ideas are welcome. If not, I suppose I can just remove the HD and buy connections to mount it on a Linux box. Pity.


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    According to this Apple paper, the eMac connection to an external display is a mini VGA which requires a VGA display adapter.

    Here is the topic:-

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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    According to this Apple paper, the eMac connection to an external display is a mini VGA which requires a VGA display adapter.

    Here is the topic:-
    There seems to be no way to win. I hooked up the mini-vga to a crt and the crt says that frequency output from my eMac is out of range and I need to try another resolution. Well I can't change the resolution because I don't have a freakin' monitor!!

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    If you heard electrical noises just prior to the black-out, it could be the analog board that died. I had read somewhere that the eMacs, at least in the first generations, inherited the same analog boards from the old G3 iMacs and that some of them were weak.

    Since the verification of the analog board is part of the eMac's startup process, it won't boot because one of its essential components doesn't respond. But let's hope I am wrong because getting the analog board changed can be quite expensive.

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    What have you upgraded to, we don't know what your other mac is

    if it is just the display that has fried you can make the emac a firewire disk and access it, assuming you have another mac to connect it to

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    This is very weird. I decided to power up from the install disc hoping that the eMac would boot from the DVD instead of the hard disk if it detected the installer. It didn't but all of a sudden my display came back. I have rebooted the stupid machine ten times trying to find a solution to the lack of display problem and it's not until after try all these things that the display rights whatever weird thing was going on. Thanks for the input. I am moving off this computer to not get trapped again.

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