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    Ethernet Port Problems
    I have a weird little scenario and maybe someone here can help.

    When I plug my ethernet cable into my imac, the network connection will be available for only a couple of seconds before the computer says that the internet is not available.

    When I plug my ethernet into a wireless router, the network is fine. When I plug an ethernet cord from the wireless router to the imac, the connection is fine, even after I turn off airport so I know I'm using the direct connection.

    How come my computer won't read the direct connection from the cable modem? It can't be the cables because I use the same cables for the router setup.

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    Wait an hour. Cable company's systems are set up to give an address to the device connected to it and only that device for what is called a lease period. Usually 1 hour. After the lease is up you can plug in a different device and they will give an address to it and lock to that device .

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