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    Max RAM in G4 PowerMac?
    Hi there,

    I have an old G4 (466MHz processor and 512RAM).

    I am looking to basically soop it up to run with Pro Tools HD.

    I am looking to find out if there's a cap to how much RAM it can run and also, how easy it might be to swap the processor for a faster one (i think the last line of G4's had a 1GHz processor, though, i may be wrong).



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    According to this site the max RAM is 1.5 gb. 3 banks each capable of 512MB.

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    I think the best source for Mac tech details is MacTracker
    The max ram, as sanity1082 said, is 1.5 gigs in three 512 chips.
    There are processor upgrades, but the prices may choke you! Only the G4 7410 and 7450 processors will work, and they stopped at 733 MHz.

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    very surprising that 1.5G is the maximum... was hoping it would be more.

    thanks for the replys. i suppose the 1GHz model was the last of the G4s? MAybe i'd be best trying to get hold of one of them.


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    The Digital Audio Power Mac is one of the most upgradable G4 PowerMacs.
    You can put up to a Dual 1.8GHz processor in it if you wanted...
    Processor Upgrades Either of the 3 PowerTech, PowerLogix, or OWC brands will work well. Just make sure it works with the DA PowerMac.
    As stated, the max is 1.5GB (3x512MB.) It doesn't sound like a lot of RAM these days but it was when it came out almost 7 years ago. It originally came with only 128MB.
    Just be careful when upgrading the HD. It's an older machine so you can only install 128GB or smaller HD's.

    Good luck with the upgrade!

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    jimmy i upgraded the model before, Gigabit Ethernet, because it has four slots for RAM and takes 2GB 4x512MB PC133 SDRAM. Use a Mercury Extreme 1.3GHz upgrade from OWC, running Leopard, and with the 2MB L3 cache it flies!

    Have also upgraded to a DL burner, 8MB cache 7200 RPM HDD, nVidia GeForce flashed 6200 graphics card, bluetooth keyboard and mouse and just love the whole system.

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