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    Question Bluetooth for my G5?
    I have a question for everyone. I'm looking at purchasing a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth mobile phone soon and I want to add Bluetooth to my G5. I know I can get the D-Link USB adapter but I'd much rather have an internal device. I decided to go to the Apple online Store, select a G5, then select the Bluetooth option. The "Learn More" link reads:

    Customers who select Bluetooth Module for Power Mac G5 also receive a Bluetooth antenna that is attached to the external case of your Power Mac G5.
    Is there anyway I can get this built-in functionality?

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    Unfortunatley, I do not believe so

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    The built in bluetooth on the G5 is on the logic board. So your out of luck. :-\

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    if you get it build-to-order, it is built in. the reason they say that you will also receive an external antenna is because the G5's aluminum case prevents the signal from reaching the inside of the computer, where the antenna is on all other mac computers.

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    Damn it. I knew I should have got that when I got the system configured.It did come with some sort of antenna thing but I have no idea what it is.

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    The Antenna included is more then likely for an optional Airport Extreme Card. I always order bluetooth as its not much more and it comes in handy every once and a while. The USB bluetooth adapter wont be too bad though aside from taking up a bit more could however afix it to your case or moniter if you wanted to so that its out of the way and such. I'd suggest using non-permanent adhesive though to prevent any damage to either the comp or monite though.


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    Thanks for all the information everyone. I'll be purchasing the D-Link Bluetooth adapter and using the USB on the keyboard.

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