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    start from scratch
    anyone know how to completely erase the system, hd and all to re install hd from startup disk to like new condition. i think i am running 2 hd's right now and all my memory etc is tied illustrator or photoshop projects will open due to insufficiant memory. i have powermac G4 running OS 9.1...please help if you can...i am a graphic design student and need my programs and computer for school!!!

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    what you will need to do is backup all files that you need to cd-r zip etc or copy the files to the other HD , then boot from the cd that came with the machine...i recommend purchasing a copy of os x panther fromhere or a local computer shop that sells apple products. if you do not want to upgrade then put the restore cd in hold the the "c" key and it will boot to an interface that look s pretty much identical to os 9.1 and then go to the cd icon on the desktop and install. i also recomened once you do a clean install upgrade to 9.2.2 from apples site.

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    Stick the OS X disk in and click on Install....from there it's easy
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    thanks so much for the info, i had reset the system right. it's running better now.

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