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Thread: Suitable mac specs for a newbie...?

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    Suitable mac specs for a newbie...?
    Hey everybody,

    I am wanting to get a mac for my room that will run garageband and safari and occasionally photoshop. What would be suitable specs required for a machine to run these applications comfortably? I was thinking along the lines of a 400-500 g3? With at least 256mb ram?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    For Garageband you would want more like G4 1ghz and more like 512 RAM

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    Oh ok, looks like I was pushing my luck then ! I better get saving for an emac....

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    I've got a friend with an eMac, 256MB RAM - he says GarageBand and iMovie have problems sometimes, he's upgrading his RAM soonish. I'll tell you when he gets it and how much difference it makes.

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    yes, anything lower than 512MB of ram could be a problem when running those apps.

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    My iMac, 800 mhz, 768 RAM runs Garage band fine.

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    And don't forget that you need a DVD-Drive in order to install it!

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