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Thread: 1gb 2rx8 pc2-5300f-555-10 ??? Please help

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    Dec 19, 2007
    1gb 2rx8 pc2-5300f-555-10 ??? Please help
    So i have some memory that I wanted use but it has a -10
    I have seen 555-11 but never 555-10
    Will this work in my mac pro ?
    I dont want to just stick anything in it!

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    Oct 22, 2007
    too many numbers, what make, speed and format is this memory


    its FB DIMM modules - no reason why it will not work

    "The Intel Xeon 5100 series based Mac Pro requires FB-DIMM (fully buffered DIMM) memory. FB-DIMM RAM has excellent performance and reliability compared to normal DDR2 memory - it is however more expensive.

    There are 8 RAM slots in the Mac Pro, each one able to take up to a 2GB module, allowing a total of 16GB or RAM. RAM must be installed in matched pairs in the Mac Pro. However performance will be increased if you install 4 matched modules."

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Manu: Hynix
    Part #: HYMP512B72AP8N-Y5 AB 05..
    not sure what 555-10 is ?
    I know its fully buffered.
    I am not sure what it will work in. Perhaps someone might know. I called Hynix (but I did not follow what they where saying) Hynix's #408-232-8000
    If I dont find out if i can use them I will probably just sell them for cheap..I have 22 modules.
    Thanks for your help

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