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Thread: G4 upgrades.

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    G4 upgrades.
    I've got the first ever G4, the 350mhz one. Just curious if anyones got suggestions for upgrades from specific companies, etc. My main computer now is a new 17" powerbook, but I'd like to get G4 running a little better if I could.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For CPU upgrades, check

    They have upgrades for nearly every older Mac.

    But be aware, your G4 is the very first one, also called "Yikes!" or "PCI graphics". Upgrades for the later G4 ("Sawtooth, AGP graphics") will not fit!

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    Thanks for the links! I did realize I had the "yikes!", pci graphics...unfortunately. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by setstatic
    Thanks for the links! I did realize I had the "yikes!", pci graphics...unfortunately. Anyone else have any suggestions?
    haha my middle name is upgrade so lets see how i can spend your money
    .... i would go an xlr8 500/600

    any pc133 ram max her out with 1.5 (3dimms)

    any sata drive is better then the ata that you have in there now...if your willing to drop 150-200 for a great drive the western digital raptors are the way to go they are the only sata drive out now that are 10k...i have 2 beautiful.
    or you could get a solid hitachi 7k

    in order to host sata drive in a machine besides a g5 you will need a sata hose card. i am using a firmtek inside my g3 with 2 maxtor drives hooked up to it.

    pci expansion
    i would recommend getting a fw400/800 card cause the firewire bridges on the g4 are 15MB and the PCI are about 35MB

    also you should look into a USB 2.0 card 3/4 port should suffice on a play machine.

    there are many other products besides the ones i have linked in the post so dont feel this is it....look around is a great site and is amazing...high prices but you learn alot from reading the descriptopn etc. hope i helped

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    solid suggestions...seem like some of the best products I've found so far...

    any recommendations for fw400/800 and USB 2.0 cards??

    thanks for the and links as well...

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