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    Question Defrag or not to Defrag that is the question.
    I have an imac G4 running Mac OSX Panther. I have read I do not need to defrag if I have journalling on. I plotted a graph using Disk Warrior and it said I was 38% fragmentated.

    Should I defrag?

    HELP! :confused: :confused:

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    Well, as you know you do not need to defrag is if your drive is Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Judging on the fact that it says your drive is fragmented, I would venture to say it is not journaled....

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    Apple's opinion is that there isn't much point to defragmenting

    (BTW, use the Disk Utility program in the Utilities folder to make sure that journalling is on for your disk.)

    Unless you are actually experiencing a noticeable system slowdown, I wouldn't defragment just to make some number in Disk Warrior go down.

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    Thanks for that link. I have been trying to explain why defraging is not needed.
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