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esteban 12-17-2007 01:06 AM

iMac CPU fans... and other hardware
I'e been having problems with my iMac. it's a 20" G5 2.0 GHz ALS.
It's had boot problems (abnormally long)
the fans will often come on at full speed like it's in open firmware mode
it won't sleep; just black screen and loud fans, then after a while it'll wake back up if i hit the mouse
long shutdowns
external usb drive spins down erratically but still shows up as a mounted drive
...and the weird thing is I just repaired the disk ( it said it was bad)
and archive&installed the system.
it's 10.4.11

ok, here's what I did:
i messed around with the boot order in open firmware to boot from my USB drive
...and I can't be sure that's what did it, but it could be)
also, after I reinstalled the system, it worked fine, then...
I booted up from my PowerBook in Target Disk mode (FireWire of course)
and from then on it's benn finnicky again.

Ever since I got this computer, it's just been a little...

my PowerBook is far more reliable...

anybody hav e help?
anybody have the same problem?

oh, and this iMac's originally from London, if it makes a difference.
I use a europe/USA power adapter plugin\
shouldn't make any differenc though.

thanks for any help!

MacHeadCase 12-17-2007 11:05 AM

Welcome to Mac-Forums, esteban.

Look at this list and see if your iMac serial number is included. You might have a free repair part of that Power Supply Issues recall.

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