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    Question G4 processor upgrade ? (newbie)
    Hi y'all

    I just recieved a G4(Sawtooth AGP) the other day and my roommate just upgraded his G4 (Quicksilver). I was wondering if his processor can fit into my Sawtooth? Is there a way to mod the Quicksilver chip to fit it into the Sawtooth?


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    It should just fit right on. They have the same CPU connector.

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    He has a
    Sonnet Beige G4-1GHz ZIF Processor and OEM Apple PowerMac Quicksilver G4 DUAL 800MHz Processor

    in his closet. will both of these work in my sawtooth ?

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    Both of those should fit nicely on to the CPU connectors since the Dual CPUS are put on one daughter card. A daughter card is the card that fits into your CPU Connector. I find it a whole lot eaiser than the Windows way with ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) Method.

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    If you really have a "Sawtooth"(AGP graphics), the ZIF will not fit. ZIF CPUs only work for "Yikes!" models (G4 PCI graphics). The Quicksilver CPU board should fit.

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