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    Question 3" DVD and Combo Drive
    Hey guys,

    I have a Sony DVD handycam and it utilizes 3" DVDs for recording. The software that came with the camera is only compliant with Windows, and the only connection is USB so iDVD won't recognize the camera (no firewire). I'd like to verify if the combo drive will accept 3" DVD media, as I am not brave enough to try it. (I don't need the cost of replacing a combo drive.) Anyone out there have any experience with this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    I've read, from Apple and other sources, that the PowerBook and iBook (and other slot-loading Macs, like the G3 iMacs) do not take the smaller DVDs or CDs (3"). I'm trying to find the article at the moment - I read it just the other day!

    Edit: I'm asuming you mean your PowerBook?

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    Yep, sorry about the mis-post, but yep. Powerbook with Combo drive.

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    yeah...not a good idea to feed a powerbook a 3" disc....

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    Figured as much and am glad you guys have confirmed. Thanks for the help!

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    I Have the Sony Digital Camera that burns to the smaller cds and even with the provided adapter it didn't work.

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