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Thread: eMac - bad video

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    eMac - bad video
    I've been working on an eMac 1 GHz and the video is all messed up. The display is very pixeled and showing very minimal colors (looks rainbowish). Other than the video, the computer seems to be operating OK, so I don't know what it could be. I never got a chance to look at the capasitors to check if they've been leaking. Is there a part I can replace or would I have to replace the whole logic board?


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    Are your display settings at "256 colors" or "Millions of colors"?
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    I don't know what the problem is to be honest with you.
    Fixing it will be a pain. Getting that case open is no simple task. The eMac had integrated video I believe so it could mean replacing the whole logic board. According to someone else on the forum looking for a 1GHz logic board, they run about $400.
    You could find a working machine for far less. I would suggest getting a new machine.

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    I believe it was set to thousands, but I would have to check that out and I'm no where near the computer right now. But if it is set the 256 colors, I might have to shoot myself in the foot if that was the problem, lol.

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