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    G5 wont enable display on boot-up

    I have a dual 2 ghz G5 which up until today was running 10.3.4 (now 10.3.5), with cinema display and when I boot-up from cold the machine appears to function normally but the display does not come alive. Ive tried it with an old CRT monitor so its the machine at fault. Also sometimes it doesnt boot-up at all but just sits there with fans revving and constantly accelerating until I shut it off. :eek:

    I noticed today when I updated to 10.3.5 that it mentioned fixing display anomalies. Is this a known problem or have I got a knackered machine?

    thanks in advance

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    I am assuming you were working okay under 10.3.4. How did you update to 10.3.5?

    If you can get the system up to a running state try installing the Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.5 over the top of the current update. Sometime the combo update will resolve the update problems. Don't forget to repair permissions before and after the update.
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    black screen
    yo, cheq this ------>link to my thread

    I had this problem with my G5. Or at least it sounds similar to my problem. I recomend that you try to hook something else up to said monitor in question to determine that it is either the monitor or the computer. If it's the computer the link above may help. Look at the link in that thread to see if it sounds like your problem. I had to have my video card replaced, luckily this happened within a year and was all covered by apples one year warranty.

    *edit* sorry, I see you actually did try another monitor. try looking at the link in my thread.

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    thanks a lot for the link. I searched on there prior to posting but didnt see that. Anyway, its confirmed my suspicions that the card is knackered! ta very much!

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