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    24" iMac Screen will not turn on. HD runs though?
    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    I'm running the latest OSX(leopard) and also have Windows XP (dual boot) installed.

    Well seems like the iMac could not stand the stress of my gaming. I was playing HL2 and it just shut down. I had to get the applecare guys to come over and swap out the power supply. The slipped in a beefier one. It had more heat sinks and prongs sticking out of it(way better than the old one). Well, they fixed it and didn't need to swap out the Logic board since it turned on by just replacing the power supply.

    Basically I'm using the computer, I'm not gaming or anything and out of no where the screen goes black. Power is good, HD is running, I can even hear my music still playing... Basically, It's as if someone pushed the power button on my LCD.

    It came back on after a few bangs and then recently it went out again. Banging won't bring it back and I really don't want to break it. I don't want to have to call the applecare guys on this one hopefully someone out there knows an easy fix. Or maybe just like the power supply I should have switched the Logic board. Maybe it was different and updated as well.

    Thanks for all the help.

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    Seems like you have the same problem I am having...I just posted something similar.

    Try squeezing your panels together or tilting the screen all the way back, if it flickers back on then we have the same problem.

    All the info I've found is on laptop issues.

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    I couldn't find anything about the LCD powering off anywhere online either. I guess we are the first cases.

    Yea I've tried it all... the first time of banging worked fine. Then the second time it went out, nothing brought it back. I did everything, shook it, beat it, squeezed it (sounds dirty I know), and no flickering.

    Since I could not find any help and I don't want to pry apart the computer myself, I called applecare and they are going to replace the LCD panel. A new panel would be nice but... my old one was fine no issues with light leaks or anything. I just hope this new one is an updated LCD panel.

    I'll keep you posted on the repairs. I'll ask the tech guy (which probably knows nothing about the computer he just knows how to take it apart) questions while he is replacing the screen.

    Hope your issue gets resolved soon.

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    Well it looks like they are going to replace my Logic Board and Video Card. I'm going be sticking with my old screen (which I'm 100% happy with). I'll report back with info on the Logic Board and let you guys know if there is anything different on it compared with the original one in my comp.

    Hopefully my screen works after this major operation.

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    These tech guys are always weird. Seems like he read the order wrong... They ended up shipping him the screen. So he replaced the screen and wahla! perfect. So my issue was a flat out dead screen.

    BTW : He must have spent a half hour cleaning the dang thing and making it look like it came right out of the box. Now thats customer service!

    As far as the logic board goes, well I still have my original. I'm gonna push this bad boy with all I got, while it's still under warranty, so I won't have much to worry about.

    Till my next problem! doughnut

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