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Thread: Considering Used Mac Pro

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    Considering Used Mac Pro
    There's a used Mac Pro & 30" Cinema display I'm checking into. But I'm a little concerned because it's a package selling for $2400. The seller claims there are no dead pixels on the display and that the Mac & monitor have no scratches. Besides those things, what else would you be concerned about? The specs are identical to a refurb unit I've been considering on the Apple site. This deal is $2000 less than I'd have to pay for refurb items through Apple, so it's kind of tempting...

    From the ad:

    Ideal for video editing 2 Intel Xeon Dual-Core Processors 5140, 2.66GHz, 1GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, 16X DVD+/-RW SuperDrive, all disc are included. There are no scratches or dead pixel.
    Software pre installed:
    • Mac OS 10.4.8 Tiger
    • iLife 06 with iPhoto, iMovie, iDvd, iTunes, Garageband, and iWeb
    • Quicktime pro
    • Microsoft Office 2004 with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Entourage
    • Adobe Creaative Suite 2 (CS2) with Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, GoLive, and InDesign
    • Macromedia Studio 8 with Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand, and Fireworks
    • Quark 6.5


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    Make sure they include the system discs. And if they are the grey ones, that they are for the exact model of macintosh you are buying. Also I'd ask for all the original boxing manuals and serial numbers of the applications you are getting too.

    Also is there a warranty still on the machine or not. Cause say something happens after you get it, what are you to do. He could say there is nothing wrong but if it breaks when you have it he could say the fault was not there when he had it. I'm not saying the person is a cheat. But it's better safe than sorry.

    Is a keyboard and mouse included?

    Lastly ask him why he's selling the package so cheaply. it's just nice to know. Cause some people sell hot (or stolen) goods that cheaply. Again the person is probably legit but better safe then sorry.

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    So he's giving you a 30" monitor if you take the Mac Pro off his hands, in theory that's what you're saying. The Mac Pro alone sells for $2499. The monitor is $1599 or something??
    Something is up. See if you can get the serial #'s from him before purchase. If you can, see if they still have a warranty. If so, might be a good purchase. If the two are out of warranty, I'd consider something else.

    If it's got a warranty, you can purchase the AppleCare plan for $299 or something and it will cover the monitor and computer for an extra 2 years. If it's out of warranty, you're outta luck with AppleCare.

    I am looking into some demo 23" monitors from work. They've never been sold so I guess they still have the full warranty. I might be able to get one for 50% off but I will only if it has a warranty so I can add the AppleCare.

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    THANKS GUYS, that's exactly the kind of info I was looking for!

    If he's already registered the warranty, would it transfer to a 2nd owner? My hunch is it doesn't.

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    If the deal is too good to be true, it probably isn't.

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