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    Imac monitor color distortion
    If I sit directly in front of my new 20 inch Imac the colors in a picture look great, but when I move my head ten inches left or right, up or down, the colors change quite noticeably, either lighter or darker. I've looked at other twenty inch Imacs and they've all had this problem. The twenty four inch Imac has somehow avoided this problem as there is no loss of color while viewing from any angle. What would cause this, and more importantly can anything be done?

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    The 24" iMacs use a different LCD display. The only way to fix your problem is to get a 24" iMac.
    My $330 NEC LCD does the same thing. If I stand up directly in front of it, the whites turn an ice blue. From side to side the colors go yellow. It's far less than 10" too.
    I learned my lesson and won't purchase another monitor without actually looking at it first. For now, I gotta save some $, sell this one, and buy and ACD or something.

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    What you are seeing is the effects of a tn screen vs. a ips screen, easiest way to tell the difference w/o even seein the monitors is the viewing angle. The tn has a reduced viewing angle (as you have discovered). Buried in the specs you will see a reduction by around 7 degrees between the 20 and 24 inch iMacs. And as bryphotoguy has said short of selling the 20 inch nothing can be done.

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    This is the one thing I truly dislike about my new 20" iMac.
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    Yay, I have to say that I really hate this panel choice for 20" iMac. Tn-panel in a computer that might go to a person who actually does some graphic work... Sigh, that happened to me, now I'll have to buy a new expensive display for this machine... I should have waited, or dug up the real specs for this Mac instead trusting that Apple won't do something stupid like this.
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