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    Exclamation Black Smudges growing on Screen
    A while back a series of black stains appeared on my imac screen, which grew.
    I took it back and they changed the screen, now with the new screen the same thing is happeneing. Im gutted, I love my iMac but this is crap.

    It starts out as a small shadow and grows over the months. Ive been told to take it back but am worried it will just happen again as its only been a month since it was changed.

    Has anyone had a similar experience?


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    I believe Apple will give you a brand new machine if they can't solve a problem within a certain number of attempts. I believe it's three, but I could be wrong.

    Take it back every time you have an issue. That's why they are there. They want your repeat business. They will get you fixed up.
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    heres hoping for the new imac then.

    thanks, I will take it back asap

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