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    Hey everyone, is it possible to have a mac, and then another (i.e. emac and powermac) chained together to add extra processing power?

    i'd be really interested if this was possible as i have an emac g4, 1.25 ghz with 2gb of ram, and a powermac g4 dual 867 and need more processing power/ram to run logic studio, ableton live and reason in rewire mode.

    also, i'd love to run 3 monitors (including the emac's)!

    thanks in advance, ijjy.

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    Clustering is theoretically speaking possible, but personally I do not think it will be worth it. At all.

    It will probably be cheaper to buy a new mac pro and use that (you can use 3++++++ monitors)

    How can it be cheaper you ask? Youre a sound engineer by the looks of it, so let's say you work for $300/hour. Taking all the hours of reading, experimentation and frustration into account, that you could have spent working on sessions, its simply not worth it.

    When I studied engineering, this would be the type of thing you do "just for fun"

    However, the whole reason why I switched to mac is because I have work to do and I want to get it done in the quickest and most effective way.

    Sorry for being sort of off-topic, but my advice would be just to get a new machine. Even if you add all those together, you will still only slightly over 2ghz or so. Not worth it.

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    Ok, thanks.

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