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Thread: Hard drive compatibility

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    Hard drive compatibility
    Alright, I was given a couple free internal hard drives, they're hitachi deskstars. I wanted to use them in my Mac Pro as extra drives for music and such. Anyways, I don't know much about hardware, so I'll throw up the hard drive specs, I just want to know if they'll work with the mac pro.

    Hard drive Name: Deskstar 180GXP (Product home page)
    Model number: IC35L120AVV207-0
    Part number: 07N9214
    Capacity: 120 GB
    Rotational speed (RPM): 7200
    Interface: ATA-6
    Form factor: 3.5"
    Cache size: 2 MB
    Description: Generic

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    Ah, yes the Deathstar's.
    Being as your mac pro (by what I have gathered) is SATA where as your Deathstar's are ATA you wont be able to use them without an adapter of some sort. For example:

    Other than having to buy an adapter I don't see why not. I am not sure though as to wether or not you will have to set the deathstar's to master or slave. Either way it's a quick process.

    I just hope they are better now since Hitachi bought them.

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    Hitachi took over the IBM DeskStar and as macOS9user says, they were then known as IBM DeathStar. Do a Google search for DeathStar. Struth I replaced some, mainly the 60GB however.

    From experience don't buy a converter - you will buy a brand new SATA drive for your lovely Mac Pro./ Put it towards a 250/500 drive.

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