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    RAM upgrade for MacPro
    Have seen somewhere that the performance will be increased if you install 4 matched modules of new RAM in a MacPro (not only the matched pair, which is a must).

    Does anyone know if that is correct and what kind of performance increase that would be achieved?

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    Hi mate.

    If you use EG 4 x 512mb as opposed to 2 x 1024mb or 1 x 2048 you will have faster working RAM in theory for definite.

    I can explain why in detail if you care but to put it easily, the smaller the stick of RAM in the slot the less the PC has to wade through to find what it wants. Mate, we are talking MICRO SECONDS here.

    If I sat you down on two identical macs/pcs and asked you to tell me any performance difference between the two without knowing prior you wouldn't be able to.

    Same is to be said for processors. It always amazes me when someone pays an extra few hundred pounds for the latest and greatest CPU that is .16 MHz faster than the last one. Absolutely pointless and a waste of money unless cache sizes are drastically different.

    Dont be sucked in by on paper specs mate that manufacturers provide or geeks get exited about for bragging rights as again, its only noticalbe on paper, unless of course you have a watch that counts in micro seconds :]

    Hope this helps

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