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    Second hand Power Mac G5 or new iMac?
    Which would be the better/faster machine out of these two:

    1) Second hand Power Mac G5 Dual 2GHz Power PC with 4GB Ram.

    2) New Aluminium iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz with 4GB Ram.

    I was originally looking at buying the second hand G5 Power Mac but have since wondered if id be better going for a new iMac. Will the iMac outperform the G5? I'll mostly be using it for music production, running Logic Pro.

    Im particularly intreagued as to the comparable performance of two seperate G5 processors over a single dual core intel. I cant seem to find a comparison on the net, i guess mainly because the obvious comparison would be to compare the G5 with the new Mac Pro's, but unfortunately they are out of my budget.

    Anyone have any advice, or able to shed any light on the matter?


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    In almost every possible way, the Intel machine will win. Incidentally, the Intel machine has 2 Cores that will match the Dual CPU set up on the G5 machine.

    Even the 1st generation Core Duo thrashes the G5 pretty comfortably

    The Core 2 Duo will improve the Intel scores by about 10% on top of these. The Core Solo machines are no longer available, so ignore these, but it does give an indication as to how a single core Intel chip fairs against a G5.

    Also, bear in mind this was a Single G5 vs a Core Duo, but a 2.6ghz Core 2 Duo is probably 50% quicker than a Core Duo @ 1.83ghz...

    Incidentally, Intel performance has improved a lot with updates since 2006, and 10.5.2 is rumoured to give all Intel macs a significant boost in performance.

    Get the Intel machine, unless you need to upgrade to 8GB of RAM or buy a very fast GPU.
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    Another vote for the Imac, you lucky devil, you!

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    The iMac also has a warranty.

    The G5, on the balance, has more room for memory, internal hard disks, and PCI cards.

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