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Thread: Thinking of buying a second hand Powermac G4, a few questions.

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    Oct 02, 2007
    Thinking of buying a second hand Powermac G4, a few questions.
    Ahoy, I'm thinking of buying an old tower system for a number of uses, mainly as a file server, streaming server (connected to my 360), additional rendering resources for small video projects (don't need anything particularly powerful for this), and general small network management.

    I have my eye on a dual 450mhz machine with 1.5gb of RAM. It has a pretty teeny HD though. Hence my first question:

    Will work in providing me with more IDE slots, and allow me to use HDs larger than 128gb?

    Second; how many HDs could I fit in there, along with the supplied DVD drive?
    And thirdly; would work? I'd like to be able to have it on two networks at once.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome! Your G4 does have the 128 gig drive limit so you will need an IDE card. The tricky part is that I have seen G4s that won't boot off of the drives connected to a card, they had to have a 128 gig drive with OS X connected to the MoBo IDE bus.
    I am not familiar with that particular card, but if it is really cheap, it may not work with a Mac. Saving a couple of dollars (or pounds!) may end up being more expensive in terms of headaches. Ditto for the ethernet card. Good luck!

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    As a suggestion, purchase the highest spec machine you can afford.

    If you envisage installing Leopard down the track, now is the time to look for a Quicksiklver 933/1GHz DP or an 867DP+ MDD. The extra dollars now will be a saving later.

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    Oct 02, 2007
    Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch quite that high at the moment, and so I've acquired myself a G4 Graphite. It's only a 450mhz, but the CPU upgrades are fairly cheap, and if I find myself wanting for more power it shouldn't be difficult to upgrade.
    It's a 450mhz, 1.25gb of RAM, 60gb HD, with the bonus of an SCSI card which I can sell to recoup some of the money (depending on how good it is). Cost me 56 including postage, so not too bad.

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    The Generic IDE card won't work, you will need one with Mac specific firmware. I've been impressed with my ACARD IDE card in my G4 Powermac.

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