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    combining G5 & 17"PB displays?
    Hi all

    This is my first post. I've searched for an answer but cant find one, sorry if I'm asking a common question.

    I have a 1.25Ghz 17" Powerbook (and love it) and am soon to get a beefy G5 with 23" Display. Can I have a dual display setup between the two machines? I don't want to see the 17" desktop on the 23" ... I want to stretch apps across both displays, mainly editing and graphics apps. So is this doable and how do you go about it, the info on the apple site confuses me. Just want to be sure before buying.

    Not long to go before I can turn my back on windoze forever!
    Thanks in advance

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    Well, first off, Welcome to Mac-forums!

    Second, if you are talking about using the Powerbook as the computer, yes, you can connect the 23" cinema display to the powerbook directly(assuming you are getting the latest displays) and stretch the image from the PB.

    I do not believe you can use the Powerbook screen with the G5 though...Meaning you can only stretch the screen when running it from the powerbook. I am relativley sure about this, but powerbook owners can confirm it!

    Again, Welcome to Mac-Forums! This is a great forum full of knowledgeable and friendly mac-users.

    In case you didn't look to your left already, I'm AppleJustWorks!

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    Thanks for the nice welcome.

    Well that's interesting to know, thankyou. Strange it works one way but not the other. Now that I'm a total mac convert, I'm sure I'll be stopping by a lot more.

    Thanks again and you're right, apple-just-works.


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