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    Best upgrade for a Sawtooth G4.
    Hi there,
    I have a G4 Sawtooth 400/1.1g ram/20gig hard drive. I use it mostly for iMovie, iDVD and CubaseSX 1.06. Anyway, it's kind of sluggish especially when applying effects in iMovie.

    I was wondering what is the best and most economic way to speed things up.

    I can buy a

    80gig 7200rpm hard drive for $100NZ or another 512megs of RAM for NZ $140(Is 1.5gig much improvement over 1.1g?) or a 1ghz Sonnet G4 upgrade for $700NZ.


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    I would suggest the HD, because of it's size, and the 1GHz G4 upgrade, that would speed things up. 1.1GB is ok already, and of course, if you can afford it get also the 512MB..more you have, better it is...

    If you have the budget, buy all of these upgrades and you'll be happy with your Sawtooth for a while...but also try to compare if, for the same prize, maybe you can get a faster PowerMac on eBay.

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