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    video card for G4 Quicksilver 733 Mhz?
    What are good replacements and average price?

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    a quicksilver should take most AGp cards, but check the manufacterers specs

    Radeon and nVIDEA cards should work, check out the site for info on your mac, its a really good site

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    Quicksilver are 4XAGP so any 8X (which is backwards compatible with the 4X) or 4X card will be fine, such as ATI Radeon.

    If you are using Apple's ADC, the fastest is the ATI Radeon 9000 MAC PRO, if a DVI or VGA the 9200, 9600 or 9800 woul;d be the shot. These are available at eBay which will give you a rough price.

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