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Thread: USB bus speed

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    USB bus speed
    Our household has two original Mac minis. When checking "specs" under About this Mac on one, the USB bus speed is identified as "high-speed" (for peripherals plugged in to either port) and the other is identified as USB bus. (There is a listing for "high-speed" on the suspect machine but the mouse and keyboard are not listed under it.)

    The one with "high-speed" allows USB 2.0 periphs to operate but the other does not.

    For the suspect machine, I first reset the PRAM with no change. I then reinstalled OS X Tiger and there is still no change.

    Suggestions? Thanks.

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    All Mac Minis have USB 2.0 ports.

    I believe that the System Profiler will only report "high-speed" when an actual USB 2.0 high-speed device is plugged into it. So when a keyboard (a USB 1.1 device) is plugged in, the port will run at USB 1.1 speeds and the port will show up as "USB Bus."

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    USB 2.0 device tried
    Thank you for such a quick reply.

    In fact I did try a 2.0 device (a Mac USB TV stick) and the suspect machine would not even power it/register it under About this Mac. This device does work on the other machine.

    The keyboard/mouse on the "high-speed" bus machine does show up under "high-speed bus" as opposed to "USB bus." Whereas the suspect machine's keyboard shows up under "USB bus."

    As a test, I will put the keyboard/mouse from the "high-speed" machine on the suspect machine and see how it shows up.

    Thanks again.

    Other suggestions?

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