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    Problem upgrading RAM
    I purchased a refurbed Mini 'bout 3 months back.

    Today I began the process of upping the ram in my Mini. Got the cover of with no problems (other than a broken plastic putty knife). I then begin the next step to remove the screws for the bracket holding the superdrive. To my horror I see that the screw beneath the bluetooth antenna is stripped. There is no hope getting that screw out.

    Have an appointment with a genius tomorrow, but am a bit hesitant in letting them take it if it comes to that (being used as a media center).

    What should I do?
    Buy a book and send it off.
    McGuyver the system.
    Screw it and put the ram in my iMac.
    Any other suggestions?

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    who did you buy the refurb from

    at the end of the day the screw is not your fault - give the genius a try and see what happens.

    Short of using a dremel to hand cut a screwdriver head back in I cant see what you can do

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    I purchased the Mini from the online Apple Store.

    I am just worried they might think it is my fault and there is no way I can prove otherwise. The only thing that helps my case is that it was refurbed and already worked on by them.

    Never thought of a dremel, but its an awfully tight space and near the bluetooth antenna.

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    Went to Apple store today. They tried to get it out, but to no avail. Basically said I was S.O.L.

    Called phone support and talked to them for over an hour and a half. Went back and forth, but was once again told I was S.O.L. After arguing with the rep he decided to leave it up to the Apple store manager to decide whether to service it.

    For anyone who is thinking of upgrading, opening your mini does in fact void the warranty. Even though some articles say otherwise. You won't be bothered for the most part if you do, but if something is wrong, even if it is wrong before you open it.

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