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Thread: Thoughts on this Imac for sale!

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    Thoughts on this Imac for sale!
    Hello, I was offered an Imac for 950.00. The specs are:

    800mhz G4 CPU
    1gb RAM
    Airport Card
    Super Drive
    60gb Hard Drive
    Standard Ports - 10/100 ethernet, usb, firewire, audio etc.
    15inch screen.
    Comes with keyboard, mouse, restore cds and the speakers. Its in Mint condiion. I have 2 questions.
    1. Is this worth the price?
    2. How well will OSX 10.3 run on this machine?


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    It sounds maybe just a bit high (I'd say somewhere around $900 is reasonable). As for Panther, it should run it extremely well.

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    sounds good to me..

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    It's a fair deal, only because it has the Airport card (whose price seems going up after Apple discontinued them) and 1GB of memory. But still, if I were you I'd spend a couple hundreds more to get 17". 1024x768 resolution is a punishment except on laptops.

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    Well, I've always used 1024 x 768 so im used to it. The scree wont be sitting very far away so I dont really think anything bigger then a 15inch screen would be appropriate. I do however have one question..i'm new to Imac system and I was curious if their were any CPU upgrades for later on down the line if I decide I want an upgrade..


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    I also posted in your for sale thread, I have a 17" iMac, SuperDrive, 1ghz G4, 512MB ram. I'm very interested in trading you for your laptop. Also, my dad bought that same exact model that you were offered, and personally, I think that the 15" is way too small. I'm not just saying this because I want your PowerBook, because I do, but the 15" isn't all that. You may think you don't need it, but believe me, it gets very annoying. Also, you can watch DVD's on a 17" iMac better, you could be surfing the web using Safari, and have half of the screen for that and a DVD movie, and then the other half for messangers and the sorts...That's what I do, works awesome. Anyways, please concider my offer. Good luck! (I paid $2000 for my iMac when I bought it)

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    Also, here's an iMac 17" SuperDrive 867mhz G4 for already almost $1,300 USD

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