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    G5 Video Problems... Help!
    hello everyone...

    i encountered a very strange problem this afternoon and i was hoping someone could give me some insight into the problem.

    i have a G5 at work and just upgraded it to Leopard today. everything ran smoothly, no problems and i continued on with my work as usual.... when i came back from lunch, i had a CD in the drive i needed and it kept telling me that a program was still using the disc. i closed everything and still got the same message.

    so i figured i might as well restart... and then it happened, when i was back into my desktop, the screen was all fragmented and choppy. at first i thought it might be the monitors, so i safely shut everything down, unplugged it all and let it rest. after a few minutes i tried again... to no avail... i was able to take a screen shot and it displayed what should be showing, so i'm not sure what the problem is... if its the video card or what...

    any ideas?
    sorry for the bad quality on the pic... had to use the blackberry

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    well i got it working again... no problems so far. i read an article on apple's site that mentioned resetting the pram and nvram. it worked when it finally rebooted so i'm hoping that it was a quick fix and isn't something serious. put the URL below if anyone else finds this and has the same issue.

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    G'day there.

    Unlikely to be video card as you got it up and running. All sorts of strange reports from upgrading Tiger to Leopard. If problems persist try a back up to a second or eternal HDD, then reformat and a fresh install.

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