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    IMac Hardisk crash!!
    I had purchased an IMac 20" not even a month and the hardisk is suspected crash! I have sent in to service center yesterday.

    What should I do? I have no more confident on the computer.

    Can I ask for any compensation from apple? Or can I return the IMac? Or 1 to 1 exchange?

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    Apple will fix your computer under warranty. You will get back the machine you paid for, with a new hard disk (if that is the problem.)

    Hard disks occasionally crash spontaneously, but this is very rare. Apple uses the same hard disks as Dell, HP, and other makers do. It is extremely unlikely that you'd get two failures in a row.

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    Agreed with Technologist. I have had Name Brand hard drives bad right out of the box factory sealed. It's rare but does happen. Apple will take care of it for you.

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    And remember - Apple don't make HDD only install brands such as Western Digital, Seagate etc, and any electronic device can fail. It is the nature of the beast and with a new drive all will be well.

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    Awhile back I bought a HD for my PC (cough) and it was faulty straight from the box (bad sectors). I had it replaced, another 2 were faulty after that.

    It does happen but have faith in Apple.
    It was about time I switched... and I am so glad I did.

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    Of all computer components that are likely to fail early the hard drive is the major one. As harryb says manufactures only put in the hard drives they don't make them. I've been in computers for over 20 years and even the big mainframe computers that the military uses, the most common failure is the hard drive. Every hard drive maker has some issues with hard drives. A long time ago Seagate had trouble with a particular model where the logic board on the drive would burn out for no reason. It happens so don't fret just remember to backup your data often, and move on. The main reason most basic computer warranties are 90 days is that if something is going to fail that's when it will happen.

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