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    24" IMAC ALU, 2.8GHZ, 4GB ram, 750gb HD, Leopard OSX.
    NEW ALU IMAC Blue Screen Lock Up ?
    Hi everyone,

    Just wondered if anyone else has this problem.

    I have a new Alu Imac 24" 4GB ram.

    Every time I leave it alone for longer than 5 minutes (i.e. its not actually performing a task) I get a blue screen and the thing just locks up.

    Thought it was a screensaver problem so disabled screensaver.

    STILL the thing locks up. I have to press and hold the power button to switch it off and then on again. Afterwards everything is fine. Checked with Apple support website. Downloaded latest updates.

    The problem still persists.

    I have read of problems with lockup on these new Alu Imacs (my 'old' white Imac NEVER locked up) and I am unsure if it's hardware or software.

    I am running the latest Leopard OSX and it is bang up to date according to Apples website.

    Is my Imac just getting lonely when I leave it on without touching it's keyboard ( not sure if I love or loath this new flat keyboard ) or asking it to perform for me ? Any suggestions ?

    And if you answer Macheadcase,........ I will KNOW that you never sleep...... do you ever sleep? Love the blog by the way......

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    LOL Funny guy! It's 15:26 here

    Ok you say you're iMac is up to date with the software installs.

    Have you tried creating a new user account to see if the problem is there as well?

    Maybe you could reset the PRAM by restarting while holding down the Command+Option+P+R keys: let the sound happen five times, then release the keys for the normal startup.

    Another thing to try is to reinstall the 10.5.1 update and wasn't there an update for the Alu iMac? I'd reinstall that one too. But take these precautions before reinstalling:

    - boot into Safe Boot mode by holding down the Shift key, log into your account
    - unplug all unnecessary peripherals
    - restart normally
    - manually download and install 10.5.1 (and I think this is specifically for your iMac model, is it not?) by going to Apple Support Downloads.

    Remember to let the installs go through their complete process without playing around on your iMac.

    If after all these stuff your iMac is still acting up, I think you'll have to give Apple Care a ring and see what they think about it.

    Either way, let us know how this goes.

    Good luck!

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    Jan 04, 2007
    24" IMAC ALU, 2.8GHZ, 4GB ram, 750gb HD, Leopard OSX.
    Hi MacHeadCase,

    You don't sleep! I know that now.

    Thanks for all those suggestions but sadly none have worked.....

    Going to spend an hour or so waiting for Apple support to answer the phone.....

    Ever thought about applying for a job there?

    You'd be very quickly promoted to GENIUS level I am sure.

    Now get some sleep.... you need it. And stop messing around with that Mac and get some fresh air!

    Thanks from me and the rest of us mere Mac mortals in the community...

    To us you are alrady a Mac God !



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    Thanks. Well if ever I can't find a job when I come out of school, I'll think of applying at the new Apple Store they plan on opening next summer right in the middle of downtown! Whooh!

    That's a bummer none of those worked. I'll look around some more and promise that if I find anything else, I'll let you know asap.

    Edited to add:

    If creating a new user account didn't change anything, it could well be that the corruption is system-wide, unfortunately. I do know that there was this Knowledge Base article talking about fixing the blue screen but this was on a restart right after a fresh Leopard install. In case there is anything in it for you, here's the link.

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    Jan 04, 2007
    24" IMAC ALU, 2.8GHZ, 4GB ram, 750gb HD, Leopard OSX.
    Thanks MacHesdCase,

    Apple think it has to do with Sleep mode or screensaver.

    I had already made the screensaver "NEVER" in preferences but that did not work.

    Then they asked me to delete Preferences folder on my startup disk.

    Not sure if it has worked yet.... Job at Apple Store sounds great.... go for it..... you'll be running Apple in 10 years time so make sure I get a big discount off the 2018 Imac would you ?

    Too old to know what ROTFL means but thanks again

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    Rolling On The Floor Laughing

    If getting rid of the Preferences folder didn't help...

    Maybe you could reapply the 10.5.1 update manually. It sometimes will fix weird behaviour to reinstall the last update.

    Download the installer and save it to your desktop. Unplug all unnecessary peripherals from your Mac.

    Restart in Safe Boot mode by holding down the Shift key during startup, login your account and launch the installer. Don't use the Mac while the install is underway. Restart normally.

    See if that helps.

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    24" IMAC ALU, 2.8GHZ, 4GB ram, 750gb HD, Leopard OSX.
    Hi MacHeadCase,

    Glad you were ROTFL......

    I have decided to do a Time Machine backup and a Carbon Copy one too (Super Duper is not yet compatible with Leopard) and wipe the disk and reinstall a fresh copy of Leopard and slowly re-install all programs, checking on the "sleep" problem after each install.

    I know it's a painfully long haul but I just want my machine" right ' if you know what I mean. I am a recent (15 months) switcher and had zero problems with my white Imac running Tiger.

    This blue screen reminds me of the dreaded Windows PC I used to have..... used to a Mac just working... beginning to regret buying the new Alu machine....

    Hopefully this will cure it once and for all.

    If it does not I am starting to suspect hardware.

    Have a great day and make sure you get the Apple job so I get my discount in 2018 when you are running things.


    (Rolling on the floor in frustration at my Mac not working properly)

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