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Thread: Can you use an iMac as a second monitor?

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    Can you use an iMac as a second monitor?
    I'm looking to get a mac because of the general requirement for being in the fields of graphics, music, and video production. I am looking at getting one of the new 24" iMacs. I still plan on continuing to use my windows laptop too though, and figured it would be nice to take advantage of that big, high res screen for my PC applications. My laptop is only 1280x800, which is hard for multi-track editing programs that require a lot of screen space. Even still, it would just be nice to use that giant screen for general use when I'm on the PC anyway. So when not in use itself, could I plug a VGA cable from my laptop into the iMac and use it as just a display?

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    Nope, there's no way to use the iMac's screen. But I can assure you that laptop is going to be shunned the moment you start editing music in OS X.

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    i'm more looking forward to learning final cut pro. i've used premiere for some time, and am told final cut is way more streamlined and doing things is more straightforward. like, what you're able to do is around the same in either program, but easier to do what you want in final cut.

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