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Thread: G4 (PowerPC) video cards in (Intel) G5.....?

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    G4 (PowerPC) video cards in (Intel) G5.....?
    I was wondering if I could take my GeForce4 MX card out of my PowerPC mac, and put it in with the other video card in my brand new Intel G5? The reason I ask is that I'd like to use the older cinema displays that only have the one chord coming out of the using the power and display from the video card. I know I can buy the adapter, but I'd rather not shell out $100 for it if the older video card will display it for me.


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    Nope. G4 machines were AGP video with PCI slots. Mac Pro's are all PCIe.

    Grapes and oranges.

    It's also not appropriate to call the Intel MacPro's "G5" machines. The PowerPC G5's were G5's (and could likely use the GeForce card).


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