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Thread: Ram questions

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    Ram questions
    I have a 2005 G5 Dual-2.5Ghz, and I need more memory now. I currently have 1 gig filled by 4x256MB chips. I was told that I shouldn't fill up all 8 of my slots to prevent hardware failure. I need atleast 2 or 3 gig, but I don't where I start getting diminishing returns. (Theoretically I could buy 8x2GB and get 16 GIG ram, which I think is bad)

    I have two questions:
    How much can my computer take?
    And what brand? (Kingston? Corsair?)


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    The claims about hardware problems is utter rubbish - we have several G5s at 8GB (8X1GB) and have had no problems for 3 years.

    The maximum ram you can get is 8GB over 8 slots. You need 1GB PC3200 400MHz 184 pin Sticks, LOW DENSITY.

    If you check on - you can find some really good prices. If what you do is heavy duty I would definitely recommend maxxing out.

    Otherwise, get 4 or 6 1GB chips instead. Remember they have to be equally laid out (1 on one side, 1 on other, etc etc)

    Hope this helps!


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