Hi, I hope someone can help me out of this one. I have a Mac Mini 1.25/512/40gb and I think the HDD locked down on me. I was in the process of downloading two documenteries, while burning two others (external Lacie dvd burner) on a dvd from two sources (one from the internal HD and the other from a Western Digital 160GB portable HD) while having my Itunes going. I realised that at 77% of my initialisation of the burn the computer froze. I tried shutting down applications by force quitting; no reaction. So I proceeded by shutting down by holding the power button. I tried powering up shortly after and all I got was the file with the question mark indicating that it cannot find the HD. After several attempts and trying to mac-boot, I inserted the start-up disk that came with the Mini, and it still wouldn't find the HD. I tried plugging my external HD on my other Mac (G5) and it won't recognize that either. What can I do to get this machine going once more? I appreciate any help I can get.