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    Is this a good deal?
    I can get a 1 month old 3.0 mac pro with ati card and 500gb drive for $2700.

    I know the newer and better penryns are coming out, but I need this like yesterday.
    Is this a good deal? I'm just hoping it won't be so undervalued come february,
    like driving a brand new car off the dealer lot.

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    Macs hold their resale value well. That being said, it might be worth that much when the new model comes out. There has to be something fishy with it if that guy is selling it for $2700. If he did buy it last month, he's taking $1000 off what he paid one month ago. Or you're pulling our leg.

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    no kidding. $2700. He needs quick money.

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    Well, that machine, new, is worth around $1000 more as bryphotoguy said. So I'd say the sucker you're buying it from has already absorbed any future depreciation. Assuming it's not stolen, etc. (That would explain why he'd need quick money!)

    You should be able to transfer the warranty by calling Apple and giving them the serial number. They should also be able to do a quick was-this-reported-stolen check.

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