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    External Raid storage help!
    hey there!

    I have a G5 2.7Ghz unit with the original twin 400Gb drives. I have a huge audio library that won't even fit on the one drive. I currently use a single external drive for help, but I also do a lot of photography and a small amount of video and just need more space.

    I need to add some type of external drive assembly that can have a RAID5 configuration with 2-3TB of storage. I really want to use the firewire 800 connection or something faster (ESATA), but I was told the E-sata is not a possibility. I really don't know too much, but want the storage and would like to access it as fast as possible.

    What do I do? Who knows of a high quality manufacturer or equipment that will work? The one i really wanted at G-Technologies is called G Speed eS, but they say it will only work with the new mac pro. Please help me find the solution. I don't want to have to buy a new computer! Any help is much appreciated.

    Ok, below is a link to the drive I was going to buy when i was told it wouldn't work. Can anyone look at it and let me know if there is a way? I talked to someone at the mfg and she said she didn't think there was a way. That just doesn't seem right, but they said it would only run with the intel chip so perhaps it's legit. This is the type of enclosure system i want so any suggestions would be great!

    thanks again

    thanks a heep!

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    At the kind of money and investment on the drives, you should step back and invest some time in options. You are buying a computer even though it does not look like one. A small server either Mac or WinBloze is what this actually is. A RAID 5 is the minimum I would go and it needs 6 drives to get to RAID 5. You need lots of fans and cooling power.

    The product may be perfect but investigate carefully. Redundancy is a good thing for a large server which this is. I have a RAID 5 Windows 2000 Server that has been on for almost 7 years. Drives have failed, power supplies have failed and yes the RAID has failed. Expect it and plan for it. You will also need a backup strategy. Cost is not the first priority - it is safety of the stored product.

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