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    Hooking up iMac to 40" Samsung LCD?
    One of my major concerns in buying a new iMac (possibly a new switcher here!) is the ability to hook it up to my new 40" Samsung LCD. Has anyone done this with theirs? How does the quality look. The best way to go is probably mini-DVI to HDMI. I wonder can the ATI 2600 XT in the iMac output a good enough signal for it to look good on a HDTV? Screen size on it is 1920 x 1080....

    On another topic....I download all my movies, music and games. How is the iMac for doing this?? I use uTorrent as my Bit Torrent client. Can people do this on Mac's or is this enviting a lot of spyware and adware? I could always keep my PC to do this on I guess!

    These are the two things that are keeping me from a Mac...

    Thanks for the help!

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    1. Yes, it's possible and the picture quality is pretty good. Even with my Mac Pro, the picture quality is better using my PS3 as a DVD player than my Mac.
    All you need is the mini DVI to DVI adapter ($19) and a DVI to HDMI cable ($20-40.) I've done it on older model Intel iMac as well.
    2. I assume you're talking about free games, movies, and music. Talking about downloading copyrighted files is illegal on these forums and your topic will be removed and you can be banned. If a torrent is an easier way for you to get all these free downloads, you will not have these same problems on your Mac. I prefer Azereus. It works great. Programmers and hackers don't make all those fun things for Mac so it's not going to get bogged down with all that adware and spyware. Now, if you're going to do this while running Windows on your Mac, you will still run into the same problems you're having now.

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    I also have a 40inch samsung lcd and connecting with the hdmi cable is automatic and looks great.

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