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    Thumbs up Mac Pro Odor Problem: A Success Story
    For a history of the problem, see this thread:

    I recently took my 3-month-old Mac Pro in for service, since the fumes were not dissipating and I could no longer leave the office window open due to the colder weather. Based on suggestions from others with the same problem, I told the tech that I wanted the thermal compound removed from the processor heatsinks and the bare minimum of new compound applied once they were clean. When I picked it up, he told me that "there was a LOT of excess thermal paste on the processors."

    I've had the machine back for a week now, running daily to burn off the smell from the new paste. As of today, the smell is completely gone.

    I don't know what's in that paste, but I hope it's not a health hazard. It sure did burn the back of my throat every day for the last 3 months. Hopefully, Apple has, or will, correct this problem on future machines.

    Christmas wish: Someone will develop a "green" non-toxic thermal paste.

    Good luck to others with this problem.

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    Yea, I think in that thead it is mentioned that the smell is coming from the thermal paste. Luckily, I haven't had that problem.

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    cool success story.

    Strange that the thermal paste makes the smell.

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